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three stepsHow long does it take you to brush your teeth? Try timing yourself. For many people, it takes about 30 seconds, which just isn’t long enough. In fact, how time you spend cleaning your teeth is just as important as how often you do it. The dentists at Bearable Dentistry generally recommend brushing for 3 to 4 minutes, but 2 minutes will do the trick. Break it in to four 30-second sections: top fronts; top backs; bottom fronts; and bottom backs. Healthy hint: An electric toothbrush can help extend brushing sessions because many run for a set length of time.

No access to your toothbrush between meals? No problem. Carry a spool of floss (or keep one in your desk drawer) and floss between meals. And, skip the soda and sugary beverages. These are doubly destructive for your teeth because the acidity destroys the protective enamel. Even so called “diet” or sugar -free sodas can cause trouble for your precious teeth because of the acidity in these drinks.

Remember, two minutes with your toothbrush 2-3 times a day and regular flossing can help you keep your smile for a lifetime.

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