Less Is Often More

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Posted on April 12, 2018 by Bearable

The Bearable Dentistry dentists want you to have strong, healthy teeth for your entire life. That’s why they recommend preventive care to keep troublesome dental problems away. Modern technology has given dentists the tools to diagnose caries (dental decay), periodontal disease, oral cancer and other problems early. Early detection provides for the most minimally invasive treatment and leads to the best outcome for our patients.

Diagnosing cavities early allows your dentist to perform restorations in a minimally invasive way. They can also perform minimally invasive esthetic procedures like no-prep veneers and diastema closures with composite filling material – less expensively than other cosmetic procedures. Besides spending less time in the dental chair, minimally invasive treatment offers another benefit – cost savings. Identifying dental concerns early on can help you avoid costly procedures. See your Bearable Dentistry dental hygienist and dentist regularly to keep your smile healthy and looking it’s best.

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