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Posted on September 15, 2015 by Bearable

The Renegade Pharmacist has some interesting ideas of what soft drinks do to one’s body. This article will share some of those thoughts with you and give you some food for thought the next time you reach for your favorite sweetened beverage.

In its coverage of The Renegade Pharmacist’s infographics, which went viral, The New York Daily News wrote, “the beverage wreaks havoc on the body, according to the graphic, releasing an excess of dopamine and leaving the individual dehydrated, sluggish, irritable and craving more.” The infographic mentions the drink’s ten teaspoons of sugar, and the phosphoric acid, which is added to make the sweetness more appealing.

Substituting diet soda pop isn’t necessarily any better. Another infographic on The Renegade Pharmacist states “within the first 20 minutes of consuming a can of diet soda, your teeth’s enamel is attacked and your body releases insulin, which causes the body to store fat.” You can find the infographics describing the effects of soft drinks and other beverages on the website:

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